ESL (Enduring Solutions Ltd)

Here at Dyna Tune we have been using ESL daughter boards for a number of years to remap classic Subaru’s, they’re constantly improving their product line including motorsport functions into standard Subaru ECU’s to name one of the biggest.  The number one selling point over a standalone ECU has to be the price, from only £295+VAT you can convert your standard Subaru ECU into an ECU that will put many aftermarket standalone ECU’s to shame and has done in competition. Here’s a little about them:

Enduring Solutions Limited (ESL), design, manufacture and distribute the most cost effective live mapping system for the previously unmappable Unisa JECS ECUs for Subaru Imprezas, Legacys and Foresters between the years 1989-1998. As well as retaining OEM drivability and features such as closed loop idle and fuelling, the control code has been modified to add such features as MAFless load, twin maps, AntiLag, Launch Control, Flat Shift and Traction Control, all from just £295+VAT.

ESL consists of Andy and Spencer Stevens, brothers and co-directors. Andy is the one you are likely to talk to, Spence is the clever one.

Spencer graduated from Bristol University with a First Class Honours Degree in Computer Science. He has worked predominantly as a Consultant in the Defence Sector. He designs the ECU and writes the firmware and communications protocols.

Andy has degrees in mechanical engineering from Bristol and Computer Science from Kings College, Cambridge. Prior to working full time at ESL, he was project manager for the RAFs fast jet defensive aids suites, the Maritime Nimrod and development of the ground support software for the Reconnaissance Nimrod. His hobbies include Aerobatic flying, drifting and karate. He is operations manager at ESL and designs the application software.

Together they have produced an ECU option for classic Subaru owners that offers unparalleled functionality at an unbeatable price point.


Here’s a video of one of the ESL sponsored cars in action: