Link Engine Management

Since the dawn of fuel injection, computers have controlled more and more aspects of the engine and the vehicle it’s housed in. Here at Dyna Tune we work with a wide variety of engine management systems, one in particular is the products made by Electronz in New Zealand. Their main product lines are the Link and Vi-PEC engine managements systems, with a re-shuffle of their products Link has became their sole automotive line, while leaving Vi-PEC to concentrate on the power sports market. As we are an automotive tuning company we are now selling solely the Link range of products from Electronz.

Link Logo

Link produce ‘plug and play’ direct replacement ECUs for VW/Audi, BMW, Mini, Holden, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota. They also product complete standalone ECUs which can be wired in and configured to control nearly any engine in any chassis. The standalones currently come in 5 different specifications, each more powerful that the previous model.

First up we have the Link G4+ Atom, the true definition of good things coming in small packages. The Atom at only 360grams and 79x126x42mm is small enough to be installed anywhere and powerful enough to control up 12 cylinders if needed. Where it performs best is controlling a 1-4 cylinder with sequential fire and direct spark on a budget.

Link Atom II

New for 2016 is the Link Monsoon, all the compact size and abilities of the Atom but with an onboard 4 bar MAP sensor, gearshift control, launch control, anti-lag, and VVT Control (available outputs dependant)
Link Monsoon vs Iphone 6

Link Monsoon vs Iphone 6

Next in line is the Link G4+ Storm, this has grown into an excellent all round ECU. Initially designed for 4 cylinder engines the remodel for 2015 has expanded this now to fully control 8 cylinder or 2 rotor engines. The Storm is also has motorsport features and quad variable cam control and dual knock control on board.

Link storm new case

The Link G4+ Fury was a completely new ECU released in 2015, it was ‘designed and built to be the best 6 cylinder ECU on the market’ it can also control triple rotor engines in full sequential injection with direct fire ignition. The Fury also comes with on board digital wideband control and single electronic throttle drivers, along with the full compliment of motorsport features.

Link fury


The Link G4+ Xtreme was the poster child of the Link range, in 2015 it received a facelift and had all of its functions unlocked with a couple extra added in. Designed for running 8 cylinders or quad rotors in full sequential injection and direct fire ignition, it can also handle up to 12 cylinders, the Xtreme has electronic throttle control, dual knock inputs, and now with switch-able traction control strategies to name but a few.

Late in 2015 Link released the Link G4+ Thunder, details are now live on their site, it definitely looks like this will be the ‘go to’ ECU for motorsports, it packs the same great features of the other Link ECUs but beefs them up with an in-built 3 axis accelerometer, dual E-Throttle control, dual K-type thermocouple inputs, dual lambda sensor controls, extra and upgraded digital and analogue inputs, nearly double the amount of auxiliary outputs.
Fury pinout


Another new ECU that Link released in 2016 was the Link Kurofune, This ECU was a new concept for Link as this was a replacement for older, outdated Japanese ECU’s which worked along side the OE ECU, all you need to do is unplug the aftermarket ECU from it’s loom and plug in the Kurofune.  The ECU comes loaded with the full compliment of features you’d expect from a Link ECU allowing you to update your already modified car and bring it into the 21st century.

The Kurofune comes with:

Inputs 10 x Digital Inputs 3 x Temperature Inputs 9 x Analog Inputs 2 x Differential Trigger Inputs 2 x Knock Inputs

Outputs 8 x Injection Drives 8 x Ignition Drivers 10 x Auxiliary Outputs 4 Analog Outputs +5V Sensor Power Supply

Connectors 1 x Sixty Four Pin Connector 1 x CAN Bus 1x USB Mini Tuning Connection

Allowing the end user to get a simple plug and play replacement for an old install whilst giving even more options and control than ever before.

Link kurofune

Link have also updated other areas of their product line during 2016, their Knockblock has been overhauled and now has an on-board long life lithium rechargeable battery which only need plugged into a USB for power meaning even if the batteries run low a power source isn’t far away.  It has dual sensor inputs and and improved filtering which will improve the noise to knock ratio making it even easier to distinguish knock whilst tuning.


Link knockblock