Motorsport Electronics

We are proud to be an official agent for Motorsport Electronics products.

ME221 Wire in ECU with loom

ME221 Wire in ECU with loom

We’ve been using their ECU’s for a while now and are happy to add them to our list of suppliers, in their own words:

Motorsport Electronics Limited was created in 2010, responsible solely for handling development, testing & retail of new engine management and control systems. It has since grown to offer NDA development for clients in many different sectors, not just motorsport.

Along with retail and development of our own systems, we felt that offering a range of motorsport electronics systems & accesories including ECUs, boost controllers, sensors and data logging from an array of suppliers means we can cater for the often ‘forgotten’ area of creating a successful race car.

We are proud to of invested in the latest test and development technology – meaning along with extensive electronics test and development equipment, we also offer both rolling road and engine dynamometer test facilities all in-house.


Matthew Thorne BSc, MSc (Computer Science, Loughborough, UK)

Alex Stefan BSc (Computer Science, University “Politehnica” of Bucharest)

So As you can see, although they are a fresh name in the industry at the moment they are putting their knowledge to good use, we have seen them turning around prototype ECU’s in a matter of days for anyone wanting something that isn’t even available.

Their current main product is the ME221 ECU which has not only wire-in options and but also plug and play options for:
Mazda MX-5 / Miata NA (1989-95) & (1996-96), NB (1999-2000), NB2.5 (2001-05)
Renault Clio 172 / 182 (for both cable and electronic throttles)
Ford Zetec
Toyota Starlet / Glanza (EP82 & 91)

ME221 plug and play ECU MX5 1989-95

ME221 plug and play ECU MX5 1989-95

They have standalone VVT controllers to expand on basic aftermarket ECU’s which cannot control complex variable camshafts that are sometimes used in kit cars and also ignition only controllers, perfect for engines running on carbs.

ME Nodiz ignition only ECUst170-vvt-control-cams-delete-vvt-pro-1