Motorsport Developments / Evolution Chips have done it again, pushing the envelope of tuning in the Ford world.  The new MK3 Focus RS has lots of people jumping on trying to tune them but with unparalleled experience of the Ford platform MSD / Evolution Chips have pushed the boundaries even further. Their origional line up of MSD360,  MSD380 and MSD400 have been improved and with the new generation of engine used in the Sync3 models there has now been a MSD420 released!
Here at Dyna Tune we already have a couple of customers running this package, one of which is testing the new extreme hoon overrun.

The first of the Sync3 RS’s lay down an impressive 386bhp at the hubs (approx 425bhp flywheel), here’s their graph:

Here’s another RS showing the gains from standard with some hardware changes to MSD420:

Over 80 bhp and nearly 80 lbft gains at the hubs.

Not only can the power be increased we can change the launch control setting and when the overrun pops and bangs happen,  as the new Ford software update even has these active in normal mode.  We understand that the RS is often used as a daily car and you may not want to collect an ASBO while you drop the kids off at school so with the MSD software we can deactivate the overrun in normal mode and also increase them in sport, track and drift as heard here on this RS even spitting a flame:
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