NC MK3 MX5 turbo 330R

We often get to work on and help finish people’s projects but when we were contacted from Steve Whitson from SW Motorsport Performance Engines it was obvious this wasn’t going to be something run of the mill, and we were right.
Steve had developed his own turbo kit for the NC MK3 MX5, using a BorgWarner EFR 6258 single scroll turbo, along with a custom intercooler and all custom pipework.  If you’ve heard of SW Motorsport you’ll know the extremely high standards Steve has and this is obvious in this build, it looks as OEM as any turbo kit could do as you can see in the picture below.

Steve origionally build this kit a few years ago but has only just got around to finishing it off.  Using ECUTEK with RaceROM software we were able to keep the MAF and had the option of changing onto speed density or a hybrid of both.  It also allows 4 different maps and motorsport features such as launch control, flat foot shift and rev matching on gear shift.
The initial goal was go bring the package together.  With the base calibration done we achieved 240 bhp and 240 lbft at the hubs at a peak of 8psi.

With a solid base now to work from we could start work on realising the true potential of this set up, more boost.

As Steve had converted the MAF sensor to a blow through setup we wanted to see how far we could take the power whilst still using the MAF.  Once we reached 12psi we acieved the power goal of over 300 bhp at the hubs and still had head room in the MAF sensor, guess we’ll just need to max that out another day.

Now with double the bhp that the 2 litre NC MX5 came out of the factory with Steve has also developed a great brembo based brake upgrade that has been in testing for a couple of years now and is also ready for release along side this turbo kit.

For more information on the turbo kit or the brake kit contact SW Motorsport Performance Engines on Facebook