Uprev Pro Tuner

After numerous enquiries we have now became official Uprev Pro Tuners, this means that we can now custom tune Nissan 350Z and 370Z cars in house using our Dynapack Chassis Dynamometer.

Uprev Scotland

Uprev Scotland

Uprev is a licence based tuning package, which means that the customers ECU requires a licence before tuning can begin then if there is ever a need to re-tune or make adjustments the cost is vastly reduced due to the original purchase of the licence and only tuning time is charged.

Uprev’s tuning software allows us into various parts of the OEM ECU such as:

  • K Fuel Multiplier
  • Injector Latency
  • AFR Targets
  • Calculated Load vs. RPM
  • Minimum Effective Injector Pulse Width
  • Fuel Compensation Tables
  • Cranking Enrichment and Ignition
  • Intake Temp Compensations
  • Idle RPM
  • MAF Tables (allowing upgrades)
  • Cam Phasing on equipped vehicles
  • Electronic Throttle Control
  • Ignition Timing
  • Speed & Rev Limiters
  • DTC disabling

This allows us to tune the car to it’s true potential and also allow the addition of forced induction whilst still keeping the refinement and capabilities of the OEM ECU.  Customers can expect the following improvements to their vehicle:

  • More power and more torque.
  • Better throttle response.
  • Speed limit removal.
  • Check engine light removal, if running with de-cat pipes etc (off road use only)
  • Multi maps. Some cars can have up to 5 ignition, fuel and rev / speed limit maps. This allows for a valet map, a map for high/low octane fuels, race fuel or ethanol/methanol mixed fuels, this is ECU dependant.
  • Better fuel economy.  This varies greatly depending on driving style.